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IFTA Fuel Tax Data Entry & Tax Reporting

FleetLegal Solutions offers the latest in IFTA fuel & mileage tax reporting with an expert staff and the most up to date knowledge of vehicle tax laws and trucking regulation requirements.


We calculate the proper taxes on time, accurately, and completely, ensuring that all the returns are completed and delivered to our clients well before the filing deadlines. We can even file the IFTA fuel & mileage tax returns directly to the state agencies on your behalf.


Detailed Management Reporting

FleetLegal Solutions provides accurate and informative reports on a monthly and/or quarterly basis detailing individual vehicle or fleet(s) operational taxes. Additional reporting ensures proper compliance and reduces overpayment of fees for fleet IRP licensing renewals, property tax filings, and other specialized permit applications like Alcohol, HazMat, or Oversize & Overweight.


Reclaim the Expense of Personnel Overhead

The expertise required for trucking regulatory compliance services can be costly and difficult to find. Customers of FleetLegal Solutions save on employee turnover and recruitment costs, fringe benefit expenses, and the high cost of absenteeism. In addition, by using FleetLegal Solutions, your business saves on high overtime costs while maintaining peak production effeciencies required to meet fuel tax reporting deadlines.



Do You Need a Consultation?

Reach out to FleetLegal Solutions today for our expert advice and discuss your company's current regulatory compliance.

Interstate Operating Authority

FleetLegal Solutions provides a full-service interstate authority application filing service for the low price of $525 for one operating authority (formerly known as ICC Authority) which includes the additional process agent filing and interstate authority application fee required by the FMCSA.

Here's What You Can Expect From Us:

  • Filing your interstate authority application (Form OP-1) electronically with the $300 non-refundable application fee
  • Securing permanent process agents and filing proper application (Form BOC-3) to the FMCSA for no additional charge
  • Working with your insurance agent to ensure that minimum liability coverage is in place and filed with the FMCSA
  • No cost preparation of your DOT number, UCR, IFTA Fuel Tax, and Mile Tax Applications as required! Our Low, Low pricing for our all-inclusive service saves you $325 to $725 in out of pocket expense
  • Monitoring the application process until the authority certificate is issued;
  • Peace of mind ... We're taking care of you!!

Electronic Processing Means Quicker Operation!

In order to significantly shorten the average application time frame of 60-90 days, FleetLegal Solutions will file your company's interstate authority application and supporting documentation electronically through our secure on-line connection with the FMCSA. With FleetLegal Solutions, you can expect to be ready to operate in 15 to 30 days or less in most cases.

Our IRP/IFTA Tax Audit Solution in 4 Easy Steps


Free Consultation

Speak with FleetLegal's experienced senior managers about
your unique circumstances, with absolutely no obligation.


Research & Advocacy

After you hire FleetLegal, our experts will begin building your case while opening a line of communication with the State taxing authority.


Support & Resolution

FleetLegal will work tirelessly to support the audit and negotiate with the auditor to achieve the best possible resolution on your behalf.


Peace of Mind

Relax! You can breathe easily without worrying that the State is right around the corner. All that's left is to move on from your fuel tax worries in peace

IFTA Fuel Tax Audit Support

Regardless of the size of your fleet, your company will be audited. It's almost guaranteed according to the new procedures that govern the IFTA tax auditors. Don't panic, call FleetLegal Solutions and take control of the audit process.


We are ready to take the burden of hosting a regulatory audit off you with our audit support services. The auditor comes to our office, interacts with FleetLegal's audit staff and frees you of the stress and hassle associated with long, protracted audits in your office or terminals.


Here's What You Can Expect From Us:

  • Free up valuable management time
  • Keep resources focused on core business functions

  • Control regulatory compliance expenses

  • Decreased administrative time and paperwork

  • Peace of mind



Do You Need a Consultation?

Reach out to FleetLegal Solutions today for our expert advice and discuss your company's current regulatory compliance.

Vehicle Registration & Permits

Let the staff at FleetLegal Solutions handle all of your permit and licensing needs, whether it's a fleet addition, deletion or renewals.

By staying current with all the changes in state and federal trucking regulations, FleetLegal's vehicle registration and permitting service assures that your trucks are properly licensed and permitted in every state where they operate.

Here's What You Can Expect From Us:

  • Expedited processing of all IRP registrations, renewals and supplemental applications

  • Timely and accurate processing of IFTA fuel tax and mileage tax permit applications

  • Decreased administrative time and paperwork

  • Avoidance of fines, delays and the costs of temporary permits due to missed renewal dates

  • Time and money savings by transferring applicable plates from deleted vehicles

  • Timely renewal notices provided 60 days in advance of due date give you ample time to complete required paperwork

  • Itemized monthly billing

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